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Goodness of fit within the teaching profession essentially is a descriptive term used when considering ones own personal attributes, values, and disposition in connection with the demands of teaching.  It is a reoccurring space where we, as future leaders can self-reflect and perform personal assessments.  These introspective moments (hopefully) occur throughout ones entire career of teaching, with the main pursuit of always striving to be better.  In my opinion, it is essential to be aware of ones strengths and weaknesses when leading a classroom.  Being conscious of what works best for you and what you may need to spend additional time on will be your biggest asset throughout the school year.  Another consideration is valuing and being committed to the continuation of learning.  I believe that there will never be a point in ones life where you reach a masterly level. Our world is ever evolving and changing, and the same can be said about education and learning.  Having empathy and providing relentless support to all students is another critical attribute that our future teachers need to possess.  For many students, this portion of the day may be the only time that they experience this within their lives and we must always be conscious of this unfortunate reality.      
ENTRY | 01
My Education & Career 

Being from California and actively pursuing a career as an educator, I hold a firm belief in bilingualism and seek to support those specific students who enrich the educational system with such contributions.  I find it fascinating (and yet at the same time, disappointing) the progression of bilingualism within the history of America's education system.  The significant rise in minority students and thus, diverse backgrounds that enter the classroom must be celebrated and acknowledged to not only continue basic humanitarian rights but, effect and influence the students’ self-esteem, self-worth, and overall academic success.  By helping students learn and honor their identity via the observance of specific ethnic customs and traditions, we (as educators) can thus, create a safe, supportive and caring environment.  This in turn establishes an optimal classroom community granting all students the opportunity for academic success and inevitably, an equitable educational experience.  Our primary goal as educators must be to generate supportive environments that nurture students’ social, emotional, physical, moral, civic, and cognitive development.
ENTRY | 02
Bilingual Education 

Building a beloved and safe community within the classroom is an integral part of being an effective teacher.  As an educator, it should be our main mission to create, establish, and uphold within the class a sense of common purpose, beliefs, values and goals.  With this type of foundation, we’re able to produce students who are not only academically competent, but also well-rounded community members.  I believe that this directly translates to classroom management because it serves to create a positive space of accountability and ownership.  Optimal classroom management is created when students are invested in their learning, their environment, and each other and when they understand that their teacher is equally invested in them.  Additionally, abusive behaviors such as bullying and sexual assault become nonexistent within the classroom when such a climate is established.  Students will feel most comfortable with their peers in a relationship built upon trust and the mutual respect for the self and others.  
ENTRY | 03
The Classroom as a Community
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